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Online Security Guard Training

Register For Our $69.99 Low Price Online Security Guard Course Below Click for the BBB Business Review of this Management Training in Whitby ON Customer Reviews Accessible to everyone no matter who you are, where you live, where you're from, or what your schedule is. With the support required to ensure that you reach your goals at an affordable price. Provided by Securityguardtrainingontario.com (SGTO). COVID-19 Update
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Special Pricing Seal $69.00 Complete At Your Convience Register For Our $69.99 Low Price Online Security Guard Course Below At home, the library, the coffee shop. You can work on completing your training when and where you want. All you need is an Internet connection and a connected device. Don't be limited by classroom schedules and associated expenses. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Management Training in Whitby ON Customer Reviews COVID-19 Update
Courses Are Running - Learn From the Safety
and Comfort of Your Home
Special Pricing Seal $69.00 Latest Online Technologies Register For Our $69.99 Low Price Online Security Guard Course Below We use online technologies will ensure your training success. Mobile compatible HTML5, interactive and engaging exercises, Adobe PDF documents, streaming video, as well as professional voice overs all contribute to an excellent program. Customer Reviews Click for the BBB Business Review of this Management Training in Whitby ON COVID-19 Update
Courses Are Running - Learn From the Safety
and Comfort of Your Home
Special Pricing Seal $69.00 Supporting Your Success Register For Our $69.99 Low Price Online Security Guard Course Below Excellent support and customer service will ensure that you can quickly and conveniently complete your training. We fully support you and provide quick responses by text, email, and phone. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Management Training in Whitby ON Customer Reviews COVID-19 Update
Courses Are Running - Learn From the Safety
and Comfort of Your Home

COVID - 19 Updates

Important Information Regarding Licencing

First Aid: Securityguardtrainingontario.com (SGTO) is still providing the online security guard course. St. John Ambulance, which provides a blended first aid program delivered with a combination of online and in-class lessons, is an option for those individuals who do not currently have the required first aid certification. Individuals without first aid certification can complete the online portion now, and when the in-class portion is available, attend that to obtain their certification. This will save time as the in-class portion is shorter in duration.

TCN: If you currently have valid first aid certification (Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level "A" minimum) from St. John Ambulance or a WSIB certified provider, SGTO will process and provide your TCN according to our regular practices.

Security Guard Testing (SERCO): Unfortunately, there is currently no testing being scheduled at this time. Once SERCO testing has resumed, we will inform all of those SGTO students still requiring testing.

SGTO Providing Great Training At A Reasonable Price

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Becoming a security guard in Ontario requires that you complete standardized training. Securityguardtrainingontario.com provides an online version of this training. Securityguardtrainingontario.com believes that learning and education should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you live, where you're from, or what your schedule is. We believe in supporting people in achieving their goals through easy to understand learning & education, and providing those valuable services at an affordable price. Using the latest in online, web-based technologies, our programs are accessible, interactive, and up-to-date, with relevant content, sample videos and practice tests that are in line with current industry best practices. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service that ensures the success of all of our clients. With securityguardtrainingontario.com you can focus on completing your training at your own pace, from wherever you are, comfortable and secure in the knowledge that help is just an e-mail or phone call away.

Emergency First Aid Course Special $59.90 NO TAX!

Visit The Academy for First Aid and Safety Use Password = SECURITY (all capital letters)

SGTO Virtual Security Guard Training School

Easy, Fast, And Convenient

The SGTO virtual security guard training school is a cloud-based program that allows anyone with an internet connection to log in and access the required course materials. All security guard training classes are conducted online, except for first aid, and can be accessed at any time. You can start right away and are supported by a team of professional, experienced law enforcement personnel and technical staff. Our reviews are very positive and we continue to strive to make our program the best available not only in Ontario but anywhere in the World. Check out our reviews by visiting our review page.

Your Training Provider WPSL

WPSL Security Solutions
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Introduction Video

Securityguardtrainingontario.com has partnered with WPSL Security Solutions to provide the very best Online Security Guard Training program. Our program meets the requirements of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, with a level of customer service that will ensure your stress free completion of the course.

Online Security Guard Training

Easy, Quick, and Convenient

Getting Your Licence

Security is an industry that is steadily increasing in importance, especially since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Recent world-wide events have also driven the need for additional security personnel. Increased terrorism along with the ever increasing cost of policing, has caused an increase in demand for security personnel. In Ontario, security guards must be licensed under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA). The process for obtaining a licence involves meeting the criteria for a licence and completing required training and testing.

Easy Online Registration

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First Login Video

The first login for your Securityguardtrainingontario.com Ministry Approved online Security Guard course is easy and you can start right away. Take a second to review the video and observe the process.

Easy & Convenient Instructor Based Online Training

SGTO Providing Training That Is Easy, Convenient, And Accessible

Get your licence online with Securityguardtrainingontario.com. Getting your security guard course completed is easy and convenient when you can use any device with an Internet connection. Whether you use a desktop, laptop or tablet device, you can progress at your own pace, with full instructor support. No need to schedule time from work to attend a class. Once registered you will always have access to the course and its resources, as the course does not expire. Please note that you do require St. John Ambulance or WSIB equivalent Emergency First Aid certification. If you do not currently have certification we can assist you with registering for a blended online/in-class program.

Computing devices

Free Sample Module

Securityguardtrainingontario.com is a division of Infinity Human Resource Group Inc. (Infinity), an online training provider that has been delivering computer based and online training for over 20 years. Infinity has developed a number of online courses including mandatory Ontario Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Awareness courses for Workers and Supervisors. The courses developed by Infinity employ engaging and interactive elements that course content is clear easy to understand content that is easy to understand. Infinity instructors also have extensive real world experience in law enforcement and provide excellent support. To complete a sample module click on the image to the left of this text. Please ensure that you are using a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a minimum screen size of 1020 by 700 pixels. Your browser will also have to be HTML5 compatible.

The training provider who will be responsible for submitting your results to the MCSCS and obtaining your training number is WPSL Security Solutions.

The process of obtaining your security guard licence in Ontario begins with ensuring that you meet the criteria for licensing, which includes the following:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be eligible to work in Canada.
  • You must have a clean criminal record (which means you must not have been convicted of, and not been granted a pardon for, any of the offences set out in the following link Offences).
Sample PSISA License

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible to become a security guard the next step is to complete the basic training and testing requirements. The PSISA mandates that all new security guards must complete a basic training course and pass the basic ministry test before applying for a licence.

SGTO's Online Security Guard Training

Our Course Does Not Expire - Fast Or Slow It Is Up To You To Decide When You Finish

Now that you are sure that you meet the criteria to be a security guard in Ontario the next step is to register for the basic training course. Infinity, which runs the Securityguardtrainingontario.com site, has partnered with WPSL Security Solutions to deliver the basic training in an online format. As a dedicated online design and development company Infinity has extensive experience in creating computer based learning. The course developed by Infinity meets all of the requirements of the PSISA and provides a number of enhanced features not found in many other providers' courses. These features include professional voice narration, interactive learning exercises, and custom security based video.

Securityguardtrainingontario.com has partnered with a number of Canadian Red Cross training providers to secure special priding of $75.22 for the blended Emergency First Aid course. Once you sign up with us you will have access to a number of courses in the GTA at that price. Even if there is not a provider near you we still recommend finding the closest Canadian Red Cross training provider that delivers blended training as the costs are generally lower and you will be able to complete a portion of the training online.

NOTE: Your first aid training certification MUST be from a St. John Ambulance or WSIB certified instructor as per Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services rules.

Online course delivery is one of the options available to you to complete your basic training course. Securityguardtrainingontario.com's Instructor Led PSISA Online Course provides the following benefits:

  • Complete at your own pace
  • Access the course from anywhere
  • Access the course at anytime
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There are many organizations that deliver training both online and in-class. The cost of an online course varies significantly between organizations and can cost as much as $299.00 (including emergency first aid). Securityguardtrainingontario.com's online program costs $69.99 plus HST, online special for a limited time only!  Please note that you do not have to have first aid certification before starting the course. You can obtain your first aid certification after starting.