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How To Become a Security Guard in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and has a population of nearly three million people. Over the last ten years, Toronto has seen a population growth of roughly twenty to thirty thousand people each year. Many workers have moved to Toronto to take advantage of the great employment opportunities, contributing to population growth. Various industries are experiencing expansion in the city, including construction, and film which have been little affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As Toronto emerges from the worst of the pandemic, expect to see a significant rebound in tourism and the year-round events that Toronto has become famous for. Security is key to the health and safety of Toronto, and its citizens and security agencies are looking for licensed personnel to hire.

Getting Your Security Guard Licence in Toronto

Getting your security guard licence in Toronto is a multi-step process. You must first complete a Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services approved Security Guard Training Course. After the course, your training provider will provide you with your Training Completion Number (TCN). Once you have your TCN, you can write your Security Guard Test. Book your test through SERCO, the official online booking system for security guard testing. After passing your test, you can apply for your licence through Service Ontario. When you receive your temporary electronic licence, you can start working as a security guard.

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In-Class or Online Training?

Many people ask if in-class or online training is better. The course content for both methods is the same, and in the end, you will receive your required TCN. Online training is a very convenient way to complete your training and obtain your TCN. Online training contains all of the course material required except for emergency first aid. Because there is currently a physical component to first aid, students must complete part of the course in a classroom. This is not a problem as many WSIB authorized training providers throughout the province deliver the required training. In addition, the Private Security and Legislative Services Act requires that all security guards complete Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level A at minimum to be licenced.
Online training will be the easiest way to complete your training if you have access to a computer or tablet and an internet connection. However, it is also important that you have some basic computer skills and use a reputable company such as securityguardtrainingontario.com (SGTO). SGTO has a track record for delivering the materials and support required to ensure their student's success. SGTO has provided thousands of security guard courses in Toronto through its online portal and has excellent reviews. SGTO has received 4.6-star status from the individuals completing its course. This is because SGTO provides not only the best course material, which has been developed by actual police officers as well as college and university level instructors, but also because SGTO provides excellent customer support.

SGTO Your Choice for Quality Training

SGTO provides the flexibility to complete your security guard course online and at your own pace. You can complete the course quickly, in as little as two to three days, or you can take as long as you want. In addition, SGTO's Ontario Security Guard Course does not expire.


Training that is easy, convenient, and supported by professionals while being delivered at a reasonable cost sets SGTO apart from other training providers. SGTO has been delivering law enforcement and security training to police and security personnel since 1993 and prides itself on the quality of training provided and its staff. The course and the content provide all the preparation that you require to successfully pass your security guard test. the course was developed by a team of police officers, security professionals, as well as college and university professors. Engaging and interactive, SGTO's course contains all the knowledge you need to be successful and jump-start your career in security.


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