How Much Do Security Guards Make?

Legislative Assembly Security GuardIn Ontario, the average security guard makes $16.58 per hour. Most security agencies are very close to this salary as the industry is very competitive. However, there are a number of organizations that pay more to their guards and offer benefits. To stay competitive and attract the best employees, many agencies provide enhanced benefits and rewards to their personnel. Knights On Guard, for example, offers enhanced in-house training and will reimburse new employees for the cost of their PSISA Security Guard training course if the employee stays with the organization for 90 days. Corporate in-house security personnel are the highest paid in the industry and enjoy the most benefits, with salaries of up to $41.00 as a security guard at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. With the higher paying jobs salaries go up over a period of time with the organization. Starting at a base level and then increasing to the top tier. The table below lists several agencies providing higher than average salaries to their personnel.


Agency Salary (Per Hour)
Legislative Assembly of Ontario $41.00
City of Toronto Corporate Security $27.52
Unity Health Toronto $24.30
Corporate Investigation Services $23.19
SynTerra $20.36
Domcor Health, Safety and Security Inc. $19.95


Do your research when selecting an organization to work for. As a security guard in Ontario, you can work for any licenced agency or business. Indeed and Workopolis are two great starting points for your job search. Ensure that you have an up-to-date resume and that you have researched the organization for whom you wish to work. This is particularly important when applying for higher-paying jobs. As well, preparation is essential when sitting for interviews. Remember, as well, that the salary may not be the only factor you should look at when deciding where to work. Benefits, perks, organizational management, and culture may all play a role in finding the right fit.